American College of Clinical Pharmacy

About the PRN

The Nephrology PRN is a group of pharmacists interested in practice and research related to patients with renal disease. The main goals of the group are: to advance the scope of nephrology pharmacotherapy through excellence in education, clinical practice, research, and involvement in professional nephrology organizations; and to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Current activities of the PRN include fostering a growing relationship with the National Kidney Foundation in terms of pharmacist membership; programming and committee involvement; communicating the role of pharmacists in the care of dialysis patients to those working with the ESRD program at the Health Care Financing Administration; providing a network for research collaboration among PRN members; and establishing a communication link among pharmacists working in this area.

The PRN is also comprised of various committee tasked with enhancing the PRN goals and charges. The current 2017 committee are as follows:

Communications Committee:
Chair: Ayesha Khan (
Members: Michelle Fravel, Rebecca Maxson, Nicole Wegrzyn
Mission: To maintain and enhance communication via the NephPRN listserv, social media, as well as establishing communication with other PRNs or groups.

Membership Committee:
Chair: Calantha Yon (– chair
Members: Chai Low
Mission: To create and maintain a cohesive group of pharmacists that are committed to learning, education, practice and research in the area of kidney disease.

Nominations Committee:
Chair:Mary Vilay (
Members: Michael Schwenk, Katie Cardone
Mission: Mission: To encourage the development of members through leadership and service positions. To enhance the visibility of PRN members within our group as well as within ACCP.

Programming Committee:
Chair: Estella Davis (
Members: Rachel Eyler, Mary Vilay, Rebecca Maxson, Tim Nguyen, Tran Tran, Mariann Churchwell, Katie Cardone, Linda Awdishu, Laura Waite, Nita Limdi
Mission: To generate and solicit ideas for programming for the annual meetings focus session and any pre-symposia.To coordinate all presentations and submit synopsis and programs to ACCP.

Research Committee
Chair: Calvin Meaney (
Members: Francis Slinitri, Tom Nolin, Mariann Churchwell, Erin Frazee, Nita Limdi
Mission: Mission: To enhance collaborative and translational research, strengthen collegiate relationships and increase the ability to continue research initiatives in a time of economic decline.